April 14, 2024
iDOS 3 waiting for review (rejected)

Earlier quite a few iDOS users and supporters reached out to me to let me know about the recent AppStore policy change (Thanks, EU). In light of this, I decided to resubmit iDOS. However, it looks like Apple has blacklisted iDOS 2, preventing me from even requesting a review under that title, and I had to submit under a brand new title "iDOS 3".

Here's where things got interesting. Initially they rejected the submission because it was same as iDOS 2, but after I explained to them that I can not continue under iDOS2, then they rejected again as "Design spam" on the basis that there has been many submissions lately with the exact same design.

I don't actually care much about the copycats, but just can't understand why it's difficult for Apple to check my account history and tell which is the original. It's a little bit insulting that I had to tell the story to them time and time again and yet the issue is unresolved after 1 week.

For the people that are waiting, I am hopeful that we will sort it out eventually. And if everything indeed goes well, there will be updates coming to justify this version bump.

Update 2024-05-08: "Your app is in review but is requiring additional time." Makes me wonder if the reviewer is trying to play a game through.

Update 2024-06-15: Got a call from Apple after 2 months. They have decided that iDOS is not a retro game console, so the new rule is not applicable. They suggested I make changes and resubmit for review, but when I asked what changes I should make to be compliant, they had no idea, nor when I asked what a retro game console is. It's still the same old unreasonable answer along the line of "we know it when we see it".