October 26, 2010
iDOS 1.0.1 in Review (REJECTED)

When I left the iDOS thread in touch arcade, it is like 12 pages, now when I check it again, it is more than 45 pages! I guess I missed the fun part. There are so many wonderful screenshots, definitely better than my poor ones in appstore. The moment when someone told me it is illegal to bundle those two little games, I put up with a new update to remove them.  Bundling games is never my intention; they are there to serve demo purpose. Otherwise people would stuck at the command prompt.  If this is the sole reason this app get pull I will be extremely sorry for ruin the fun. Some people report they can mount root directory. But I doubt if they can do anything further except for directory listing.  If this is going to be a security issue, I think iOS should not permit such access in the first place. Anyway, I am willing to fix this issue if this is part of the reason. The only thing we can do is wait for approval. UPDATE: Rejected because an app must not install executables.