October 27, 2010
iDOS 1.0 one day report

Despite a short stay in AppStore for a few hours,  iDOS was grabbed by a lot of people in time:-) It all started with the thread iDOS - DOS Emulator on touch arcade, became popular with the blog  http://toucharcade.com/2010/10/26/idos/, and then was removed from App Store. I wasn't there to witness the pull, but most of the sales should happen in its last 5 hours. Another interesting thing is it doesn't show up in any game categories, probably because I didn't assign a secondary category for it. Emulator is not a kind of game, but it basically runs all kinds of games.  So I was not sure which category it should be.  And now I've found that even installing windows has become quite popular a game for iDOS users.