January 12, 2011
Golden Ear 1.0

Golden Ear is a lossless music player. It supports all common lossless audio formats, including FLAC, APE, WAV, AIFF, ALAC. It also recognizes accompanying CUE files, and lists individual tracks so you can pick up your favorite one very easily.  You just need to make sure CUE file shares same file name with the music file. Similarly, to display the cover art, you just provide the image file with same name. Golden Ear provides a very simple control interface. You can use three playback modes: 1) Continuing in order; 2) Shuffle; 3) Loop one track/song. Just put your collection onto your device via iTunes file sharing, then you can start listening to high quality audio  everywhere you go. Note: 1. Golden Ear on iPad enjoys a rich set of themes. 2. Make sure your CUE files are  UTF8 encoded, otherwise East Asian languages may not be recognized correctly. 3. Please use high quality earphone. Recommended: - iPad/iPhone4/iPod Touch 4g or later models; Minimum: - iPhone 3gs Earlier models may not be smooth in playing. Update: Golden Ear 1.1 is now available. (2011/1/15) Update: Golden Ear 1.2 is now available with more organized listing. (2011/2/1)