July 9, 2011
Golden Ear v1.6 Update (Now v2.0)

In the past half year, Golden Ear has seen 6 updates, averagely 1 update per month. The driving force behind is the feedback sent from our enthusiastic users -- audiophiles, music producers. All the suggestions received are very valuable and we carefully sort them into a list. However, we don't put too many features into a single update because there is significant risk in new features.  We prefer frequent update with a few well tested features at a time.  So if your requested feature is not implemented yet, that only means we have spent the time in something more important or more asked features. Golden Ear v1.6 has the most changes among all these updates. Some are just improvements, some are entirely new features. Now let's have a quick walk through. Being a music player acoustic features always come first.