January 19, 2011
iDOS 2.0.1 is ready (UPDATE: removed)

The biggest change from iDOS 1.0: iTunes file sharing is now turned off.

That means you will not be able to install windows nor games from your old disc collection. However, it has quite a lot of new features to compensate for the loss:


  1. For people who already own iDOS 1.0, please back up your binary before update.
  2. iDOS runs best on iPad. Minimum Requirement: iPhone 3GS or later models.
  3. An elder brother of iDOS, known as DOSPad, is living inside Cydia space.

Q: Why not submit it as a separate app?

A: First of all, if I had a better name for it, I'd definitely submit it as a new app :) More importantly, like many people commented on iDOS 1.0,  it is not really that good to play. It is for retro gaming, so anyway we need an update to address the playability issue.

Update: I am convinced, I'll see if we can have a separate app, everyone will be better off.

Update 2: iDOS is removed because the ability to run custom executable is violating the appstore policy.