January 22, 2011
Last Bow of iDOS

[caption id="attachment_192" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="XTREE on iDOS"][/caption] Jeff Johson, the author of XTREE, wrote to us: "watching history come alive and then disappear is heartbreaking". Yes, it takes some time for my initial feelings to chill out too. To comply to appstore policy, I would have to cripple iDOS further more, and it won't be able to run the programs people already uploaded. Nothing can compensate for that loss, no matter how much better it will look.  We all hope that apple will finally realize that emulator doesn't place any threat to their customers and their business. Before that happens, this should be the last release of iDOS. If there will ever be any further development on iDOS, it will be under a different app name. We've received many positive feedbacks, and many valuable suggestions. There are still a lot of space to improve: - Choppy sound - Too slow.. - Game control is still not perfect - Voice over - How to reset game - ... The list goes on and on. These are going to keep us busy for a long while, and like we did before, they will be made into DOSPad.  Please let us know if you still like to play on a restricted version of iDOS. We'll try our best when it is worth the trouble. Special Thanks: