March 24, 2011
TeX Equation v1.0.6 is available (Now v1.0.7)

"For anyone who needs to use equations, this is a must-have -- it is the only real game in town. Copy and paste into Pages documents is excellent as well as very flexible page positioning capabilities of the image. Until we have a built-in MathType editor, this is what you need for developing documents on iPad." -- ejloyal's comment in App Store

We keep a feature request thread in our forum, and this update is a follow up on the suggestions made by our users.

The most important feature is "folders".  Originally TeX Equation puts all equations in one list with search functions. People say that it is not good enough, and propose the "folder" idea. And now here it is.  In TeX Equation 1.0.6, tap on the top left icon to bring up the following view:

I would not call it "folder", because there is no real folder inside TeX equation. They are just different lists. You can add or delete list. Note that a selected list with check mark can't be deleted. To delete the current selected list, you need to deselect it by selecting another list first. That means, you will always have at least one list.

With this feature, teachers and students can group equations into different categories.  For example, you can have one list for Calculus, another for Physics.

Another important update is the accessory keyboard. If you need to switch between alphabetic/number mode frequently, you're going to love this change. Proposed by FutureBird, we add all the digits to keyboard, so you can access them instantly.

The left/right triangles in the top right corner are used to move cursor backward and forward. We owe a thanks to iA writer for this one. Maybe some other people came up with the idea earlier, but I learned it from iA writer, which I used quite a lot simply because of this helpful feature.

There are also some other important fixes to improve the stability of this app. In summary, TeX Equations is visibly and invisibly much better than its previous version.