September 14, 2012
A Critical Fix for TeX Writer v1.2 is On the Way

Last night, we had a bug report from a new user saying that Dropbox sync doesn't work. It didn't took us long to find out the real problem is that TeX Writer wasn't activated by Dropbox linking. This is very unfortunate and embarrassing too. We have a much better Dropbox syncing support, and now what good is it if you can not link? We submitted a quick fix immediately and hope it will be available soon enough. As a temporary solution, please use iTunes file sharing to upload tex and image files. This problem doesn't affect upgrading users as long as you do not unlink Dropbox, and please don't until update is available. (If you are curious about the cause: a last-minute feature -- importing tex file from other apps -- conflicts with Dropbox linking code. Since all our test devices were linked already, this bug somehow slipped through.) Update(9/21): TeX Writer v1.2.1 is now available