December 16, 2012
An audio engineer's review on Golden Ear

Ivan wrote the following review in App Store:

Being an audio engineer I really need an audio player that offers highest audio playback quality with no coloration or other artefacts introduced that also handles lossless and uncompressed formats well - it's all about critical listening for me, no compromises, full stop! Golden Ear is the only player for iOS that matches my demands (and I'm a demanding one!) and with version 2.8 it fixes some minor issues I've stumbled upon (thanks Chaoji for being so open to my feedback and patching things up rather promptly!) and matures into something that caters for my needs and expectations 100% Do not waste your time trying any other players, this one is miles ahead of the competition and worth every cent, quality does come at a price and let me repeat: IT IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT!