November 23, 2012
"My favorite app"

Tony W wrote the following review on TeX Writer in the App Store:

My favourite app This latest version of TeX Writer is by far the best. I have been waiting several years for a quality app that could deliver what TeX Writer now delivers. I write papers using latex regularly and until now had no way of doing it professionally on the iPad. The editor is great, the fact that it compiles pdflatex files on the device and not in the cloud is awesome and best of all I can add packages as I need them without having to do a complete install of TeX like I do on my desktop. The basic packages that come with the app do much of what I need anyway and so few extra packages are necessary. Syncing via DropBox is a great idea. I can work on the same latex files from all of me devices seamlessly. My one quibble with this version is that I would like to see the packages sync with DropBox so that they can be added easily and automatically to every device that has the app on it. Adding packages via iTunes for each device is clumsy. Please change this! The app also runs great on my iPhone and I can still see, edit and compile all of key work, although the iPhone interface is a little small for serious editing. In summary this is a wonderful app ideally suited for the iPad. It does exactly what I need and does it well.

By default TeX Writer doesn't sync texmf-local to Dropbox, because there may be hundreds of files under that directory. We'll add an option to turn on syncing of the texmf-local folder since people like Tony may have relatively few files in there.