August 23, 2012
New App: TeX Notebook - Plain TeX for iPad

The absence of TeX on iPad has long been felt by many people. Ever since TeX Equation was released two years ago, there have been strong requests for a full version of Plain TeX.  However, the display resolution on iPad was not very good back in those days. Now with a 264 dpi retina display, iPad has become a first class device for high quality typesetting, and here comes the first real game in town. TeX Notebook lets you write, compile and preview TeX documents right on your iPad. Compilation happens on your device, no internet connection is required. It has a very straight forward user interface that can get you started in seconds. With Dropbox syncing support, you can share the TeX files among different devices, including your desktop computers. If your TeX file compiles successfully, you can preview the output immediately. Although the display dpi is not as high as paper print,  we have taken extra care of the rendering process with anti-aliasing and subpixel positioning, your eyes can't really tell the difference. Even on iPad 1 or iPad 2, the result is still very comfortable. Background color can be customized to predefined themes.  The preview is as clean as a paper, it is all about the content you produced.

The iOS software keyboard is not very good for writing TeX. Frequently used characters like '\' hide too deep. Therefore we provide a very handy key bar containing most used TeX special characters.

The landscape mode has even more extra keys. Now, the beauty of TeX on iPad must be seen to be believed. TeX Notebook on App Store