November 8, 2012
TeX Writer v1.4 with Bibtex/Makeindex

This update includes a lot of new features,  and some of them have been asked for since the very beginning of this app. We have been working very hard to make them happen. bibtex is very important when writing research papers for publish, and makeindex is almost a must-have when writing books. Now we pack both into TeX Writer and run them automatically when necessary. Normally you don't have to do anything, however if you want to install bst files, then just put them into texmf-local/TeXinput, like installing a LaTeX package. A big change is when you press the compile button it won't generate PDF immediately. It runs tex, and generates dvi file.  Only when you press the preview button, the pdf generation will be actually started. The reason behind this change is, since we have bibtex and makeindex, you may need to run tex multiple times before you get a final version output. DVI -> PDF is still very slow, so we want to get rid of the overhead when you're recompiling. We have other very important new features: