October 8, 2012
Upcoming: TeX Writer v1.3

TeX Writer v1.3 has been submitted to App Store for review, and we're very excited about this major update. We have been working very hard since last update, fixing many issues and adding feature requests from our early users.  It's the best version we have so far.The most important feature is the editor. We built a brand new text editor, fast even for very large files, with syntax highlighting, line numbers, customizable colors and  text font, undo, redo, find, and most importantly, input helpers. A built-in PDF viewer lets you preview the output much easier than the current version. You can pinch zoom, you can use it in any orientation. Regarding the TeX engine, we increase the capacity so that it is even possible to include the beamer package. You can also add custom fonts now. We introduce an easier way to install packages much faster than dropbox sync, and we'll also share ready made packages on our website. For example, a CJK package with Chinese fonts. It's also possible to include PDF images. The new TeX Writer will work for both iPad and iPhone. You don't need to buy a sepa­rate one. If you haven't purchased TeX Writer yet, please don't hesitate, it'll be your best buy ever on App Store. The introductory sale (50% off) will be ending very soon. TeX Writer on App Store