September 2, 2012
Upcoming: TeX Writer with Graphics and Colors

The upcoming TeX Writer will include several important features.

1. Sync folders. You can create a project folder on the Dropbox website or desktop computer, and then TeX Writer will sync it down on your iPad.

2. Add required LaTeX packages (See except psnfss) and more (xcolor, geometry). It's now possible to typeset a colorful page:

![]( 12 27 09 05.09.12.png)

3. Introducing a texmf-local folder structure. You can create the following folders in Dropbox/Apps/TeX Writer:

~/Dropbox/Apps/TeX Writer:
  - texmf-local
    - TeXinput (Everything except the following two cases)
    - TeXfonts (*.tfm font metrics)
    - GFfonts (font bitmaps)

TeX Writer will looking into these folders for inputs. With a flat folder structure, TeX Writer can find and sync files faster.

4. File list view now shows PNG and JPEG files. You can preview the image inside the app. You can even adjust the image size and TeX Writer will generate the corresponding \includegraphics command for you.

There will be other minor fixes to make TeX Writer work better and faster. If you hope this update comes sooner, please go to App Store and give us a review!