October 27, 2015
A Not-That-Great Update of iDOS

As you may know, iDOS has been crashing on iOS9. We tried to submit a fix one month ago, but then we had a hard time getting it through the time-consuming review process. In the end, we had to turn off every possible way to access the file system inside this app, specifically, both iTunes file sharing and file import are prohibited. If you are a long time user, you know that these features are badly needed since the release of iOS 8.4. Unfortunately this is the only choice we have if we want to have a usable iDOS release in appstore.

For every user who has already installed one copy before, don't update until you upload everything you need to this app. It's recommended that you save the IPA package in iTunes to somewhere.

To compensate for the loss, we also offer beta versions to paid users. These releases may include beta features that are unavailable in the official app store release. Please send your request to idos@litchie.com, preferably with a receipt of your purchase. Slots are limited, therefore first come first served.

App Store Link: iDOS 2