February 10, 2015
Raspberry Pi 2 is a game changer

Since RPi is out, I have bought several RPi B and B+. They are very useful as testing server. I also developed kiosk type commercial applications using RPi, mainly for information display. These Pis are usually attached to TV and online 24 hours everyday. They are very robust, I haven't received complaints since they were shipped and installed. However, on the other hand they aren't powerful enough, so I don't think they are of any good for consumers.

Now the announcement of RPi 2 just changes everything:

If those numbers don't mean anything to you, then remember that this is a 35$ computer that have the same computing power of 4 iPhone4. You can't imagine what this tiny computer is capable of.

The first thing I should do is to port Aemula (486 emulator) to RPi2. Then maybe try out any other interesting ideas on it. If you have any thoughts, or that you need some custom applications based on RPi2, please let me know.