April 21, 2018
Building a Private Syncable Online Storage

Back in 2015, I wrote a post about private syncable online storage. Some of the thoughts/solutions probably sounds naive in today's view, but still the situation hasn't changed much. As a developer, but first of all as a user, I care deeply about everyone having total control of their personal data. Given the technology available to us, it's unnecessary for users to rely on cloud storage provider's integrity to protect their own data. Recently I find myself thinking about it more and more, and finally I decide to build a solution myself. The product in my mind is a mix of git, encryption, p2p, and blockchain.

This is the second time that I am crazy enough to start a project that I can't see the end of it. (My first ambitious project is aemula.) It may be a long while before I have something to show, but I am sure it's going to be a lot of fun.

As a result, I will spend less time on apps. Since I use TeX Writer regularly for writings, I will continue to make some improvements along the way.