September 19, 2020
iDOS 2 Updated

It has been 4 years since the last iDOS 2 update, because Apple prohibited not only itunes file sharing, but also bundling game files (unless you are the author). If we were to strictly follow their guidelines, the only thing you could do with iDOS 2 is to play with command line! I don't see that such an update could be useful to anyone.

16 days ago, DanTheMan827 on github suggested that I should try again with document storage enabled. I didn't have much hope, but did it any way, stating the change in review notes. I fully expected to be rejected. The review took a long time, and I thought it's business as usual. But today I got a surprise message that the update was approved.

I hope this means AppStore is now open for emulators. However, it may be just a mistake -- some reviewer wasn't paying attention to my review notes. So let's see how it goes. If iDOS 2 finally becomes a normal app, then we are definitely going to have some more updates coming.

iDOS 2 is now on sale at $0.99.

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