October 12, 2019
Introducing Twinkle Notes

The thing I have been working on since last year is now ready for beta testing.

Join Twinkle Notes beta

It's a simple note taking app that syncs across devices without revealing the content of your notes to the server. No phone, no email, no account is required to use this app. You create a digital space to hold your data, and you own the space in the same way you own a bitcoin wallet. It's every bit about privacy, freedom of thinking. We hope with Twinkle Notes, you can capture your ideas, your life moments, as free as you can, knowing that no one can access them without your permission, and your data is always accessible to you.

It's not exactly what I set up to build. I was only thinking about files at that point. Then I wanted something simpler and more flexible. Any programmer knows that naming things is one of the hardest tasks of programming. If we choose a file system to implement our knowledge base, you are basically asking the user to do the hardest job every time they want to create a file. Notes are different. There is almost zero mental barrier between the idea in your head and the bits in your device. With notes, we can also have more flexible structures in your knowledge base. You can have a hierarchical structure like file system, but you can also have threading like having a conversation. Building apps sometimes feels like playing with mud, and I am happy to see what it finally turns out to be.

There are many rough edges to fix, and there are many things I haven't talk about in this short post. We hope that having some early feedbacks will help us discover problems as soon as possible. Often times, users will also help us explore the possibilities of our apps.

I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I do.

Please write to support@twinkle.app to ask for a free token so that you can get your space hosted on our servers.