July 28, 2020
Write Only 2

I am pleased to announce that Write Only 2 is now available on App Store.

I did a check and found out the original Write Only was first released in Jan 16, 2013. The icon is simply a photo of my typewriter, best birthday gift ever. As simple as it is, Write Only has been well received by some fans. It's sad to think that 7 years have passed, and I have yet to build another app as fun as it is.

The original Write Only even got myself into trouble with Tom Hanks' lawyer, because I manually typed a letter of Mr. Hanks (from @LettersOfNote ) to use as one of the screenshots. Of course I didn't use his name so I assumed nobody would notice a thing. I dutifully removed the screenshot in question, and forgot about it. Many months later perhaps, I learned of a similar (I dare say?) typewriter app from Mr. Hanks. I am quite proud that we share same love for typewriters.

I used to write journals with it, but stopped at some point because it didn't sync easily. Recently I wanted to pick up the old habit, so I decided to give Write Only a new life.

Write Only 2 inherits the same typewriting interface as in the original Write Only. What's new is that it has iCloud Drive integration, with automatic conflict resolution. Also it has much better export options.

Write Only 2 is now on launching sale at $0.99.

App Store Link